Former Top Aide to Bernie Sanders Shuts Down Supporters Who Think Primary Was Stolen


PHILADELPHIA — A former top aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders went on a tweetstorm Monday afternoon, telling the angry crowd of Sanders delegates booing and hissing on the convention floor that no one "stole" the election from Sanders, and urged for calm.

"Look, people are well within their rights to have passions and opinions," Symone Sanders, who served as Sanders' national press secretary, wrote. "That is how we create change in this country. We need the passion!! But let me be clear — NO ONE STOLE THIS ELECTION! Team Sanders we did AMAZING WORK. But we lost. It's a hard reality for some."

Symone Sanders' tweetstorm came as Bernie Sanders backers booed and jeered every time presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's name was mentioned in the Wells Fargo Center here.

It was a display of anger months in the making, after the Sanders campaign whipped up fury among its supporters that the process was "rigged" against him — and after he dug in his heels and vowed to fight on.

The angry display fell in the face of Democratic National Convention plans to show a united Democratic front to take on Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Symone Sanders — dismayed by the behavior of the supporters — went on to say that the Bernie Sanders' campaign wasn't "cheated" out of the nomination.

"There are other qualms. Other valid arguments, but a stolen election is not one. I worked there. No one stole the election from us," she tweeted.

She made a plea for the delegates to channel their rage in a more productive way.

Bernie Sanders himself is set to address the convention Monday night.

He already made a plea to his backers to stop their protests on the DNC floor.

Now, Democrats are awaiting how he'll address the uproar when he takes the podium on Monday evening.

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