Smash Mouth Made an EDM Song, Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

There was a time when Smash Mouth's sludgy, garage pop was the hottest thing since sliced bread. "All Star" was a wonder; "I'm A Believer" was in Shrek. But times change. Sounds get stale. Bands get reduced to arguing with their fans on Twitter about whether they're a one-hit or two-hit wonders. Smash Mouth, though, are not going to let these endless debates be their final legacy. 

They're shooting stars and they're mold-breakers, as they told us on "All Star." To prove it, Wednesday they released a surprise EDM song called "Love is a Soldier," produced by Specter. 

It's a casual blend of nostalgic 90s rock, mediocre electronics and lackluster lyrics. "Sex is a gun/ You're ammunition/ The battle's on," Smash Mouth's Steve Harwell croons at one pivotal moment. This is life in 2016: a reality TV star is one of our presidential candidates, Smash Mouth is EDM and nothing makes sense.

When we last checked in on Smash Mouth in 2015, the bandmates were living simpler lives. 

"I just walked into the grocery store last night and 'All Star' was playing," Smash Mouth's bassist Paul DeLisle told Mic. "This is gonna sound so dorky, but when I hear it, I just kind of smile. It's a good song. And you know what, dude? Check it out: I'm the dude playing the bass! And another thing: That's me whistling. I'm the best whistler in Smash Mouth."

Whistling is so 1999, though. Who wants to whistle an interlude when you can layer a hundred different whirring, whiz bopping synths instead? The 2016 Smash Mouth who chose to collaborate with Specter to make a song that sounds like a carnival fire, that's who.

Remember: There is always a choice. We're going to choose to remember Smash Mouth for all of its summer anthems, bizarre yet awe-inspiring music videos and alternative sounds from the 90s and early 2000s. We recommend you do the same.

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