Stephen Colbert Brings in Cartoon Hillary Clinton to Talk About the DNC and Her Nomination


During his primetime speech about Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, former President Bill Clinton drew an important distinction between Republican interpretations of his wife and Hillary Clinton herself. After pointing out the GOP has desperately tried to turn his wife into a "cartoon," he said the Democrats nominated the real Hillary.

Stephen Colbert evened the score after previously bringing a Trump cartoon to The Late Show. On Tuesday night's episode, viewers got Colbert's first interview with an actual cartoon version of Hillary Clinton. Naturally, her characteristics were a bit... animated.

"That's what I love about America," she says when commenting on the 2016 presidential race. "It's the only place where a secretary of state, senator and lifelong public servant can be put on equal footing with a screaming cantaloupe." 

Cartoon Clinton fielded a plethora of difficult questions from Colbert and prerecorded comments from Republicans at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Regardless of the question, she was very complimentary and stuck to her talking points.

Her response to a question about the economy: 

"Yes, powerful question," she says. "Best question in all of human history. Words, stated emphatically, tilt head 15 — no, 20 degrees. It makes me think of a time when I was in the swing state of Pennsylvania, and I met a single mother who told me she needed a job. I was so moved I hired her to be a talking point in my speeches. And Stephen, together we did. High touch of hands, Stephen!" 

With both a cartoon Clinton and a cartoon Trump making appearances on The Late Show, is it too much to hope for a debate between the two?

Watch Colbert's full interview with cartoon Clinton below.

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