Here's the One Big iPhone 7 Feature That Will Have Everyone Talking


You hear that "click"? That's the sound of future iPhone owners checking their home screens. 

According to the latest iPhone 7 rumor, the next-gen Apple phone may get less physical, swapping out its current home button design for something more in line with the MacBook Force Touch trackpad, Apple Insider reported Tuesday. Rather than pushing it like the current iPhone home buttons, the iPhone 7 home button would just simulate the feeling of a click using haptic feedback, a touch feedback to confirm your "click."

Apple is going to dangle its shiny new iPhone in our faces soon, and with most people feeling pretty meh about the latest version, a feature that could revamp the device might be able to sway underwhelmed iLoyalists. 

A 3-D Touch home button is a godsend people who leave their phone sitting on the table as they wildly gesticulate with a drink in hand. This home button design would improve the waterproofing of your device, because removing the physical button means fewer access points into the internals of your phone, MacRumors reported. 

A capacitative home button may also save you a trip to the Genius Bar. 9to5Mac reported the home button is "one of the most common hardware components to fail in the iPhone." 

We'll find out if the home button rumors hold true in September.

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