Tim Kaine Was the Hottest DILF Ever and the Internet Is Beyond Thirsty for Him


The story of the grandfatherly male politician with a low-key hot past is a familiar one by now. John McCain was a stud back in the day. Young Bernie Sanders looked like a real heartbreaker. And I'm sorry, but young Joe Biden could fucking get it.

The latest addition to this esteemed list: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine.

Here he is talking to some reporters — probably saying things like "Hey, girl" and "You don't know you're beautiful" — in B&W:

Here he is in color as a joyous young DILF:

Two years ago, Kaine took to his Facebook page to personally thirst-trap his followers with this throwback Thursday picture:

***Young Tim Kaine for Vice President (of Your Erotic Fantasies) 2016.***

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