Where Were the Last Summer Olympics? A Look Back at the Biggest Moments of the 2012 Games


While the 2012 Olympics, which took place in London, were filled with some breathtaking moments, there were obviously some that stood out above the rest. Those moments that kept fans on their toes, had you gasping as the action unfolded in front of your eyes and essentially glued to your television set.

Now, with the 2016 Olympics just around the corner, we're going to take a look back at 2012, and check out some of the biggest and best moments from the games.

United States v. Canada: Women's Semifinal Soccer

In what was possibly one of the most incredible back-and-forth events in a soccer game, but the United States was able to get the job done when it mattered most. For starters, the U.S. managed to tie things up three different times during regulation, but it was Alex Morgan's game-winner in overtime that really sent soccer fans into a frenzy. Just a minute or two away from the end of overtime, which would have sent the match into penalty kicks, Morgan got her head on a cross and sent the United States into the finals, where they won their fourth consecutive Olympic gold medal.

The Domination by Usain Bolt

The name Usain Bolt is one known worldwide at this point, and for good reason. Not only has he been a force at the Olympics, but at the 2012 Olympics, he did something that no other athlete had ever done. After dominating the field in both the 100 meters (9.63 seconds) and the 200 meters (19.32 seconds), it made him the first to ever win both sprints in back-to-back Olympics. And just to top it all off for good measure, Bolt set a world record in the 4x100 relay to take home his third gold medal.

Oscar Pistorius Makes History, Continues to Impress

We all know the backstory behind Pistorius, but we can't ignore what he did at the 2012 Olympics either. In the men's 400-meter qualifying track and field event, the double-amputee finished in second place in his heat, which sent him on to the semifinals. It was something very few expected and the fact that he even competed at all was enough to leave a lasting impression.

Michael Phelps is as Good as Gold

There's no question that Phelps is one of, if not the greatest swimmer, in history. But last Olympics in the 4x200-meter freestyle relay final, Phelps' legacy went to another level. While the victory was a team effort, it was the 19th Olympic medal for Phelps, which set the record for most ever by a single competitor. The record had originally been held by Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina, who won No. 18 back in 1964 in Tokyo. Oh, and just for good measure, Phelps went on to win three more medals, to wrap up the 2012 Olympics with 22 medals to his name in total.

Mo Farah Leaves a Lasting Impression in London

During the 10,000-meter race, Mo Farah left fans with literal tears in their eyes as he came down the home stretch. It was a moment that the host nation, their fans, and of course, Farah himself, will never forget. The crowd was so loud that you almost couldn't hear the actual broadcast, and just a week after that, he even went on to win the 5,000-meter as well. Britain's top runner helped to create possibly the best moment of the 2012 Olympics, especially for all the loyal fans who came out to support him.

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