Millennials Agree, Eating Is Just as Pleasurable as Sex


Pizza, Pokémon and penetration: Three things millennials find perfectly pleasurable. 

According to a new report released by Havas Worldwide, 54% of millennials agreed that food can be just as pleasurable as sex. Woo wee. 

They're just being honest. Both food and sex cause the brain to release dopamine, a hormone that signals cravings (or lust, if you will). And the brain wirings that support the food pleasure center are pretty similar to the ones that support the sex pleasure center, Annie Zimmerman wrote in an Under Story piece that investigates whether eating can be as pleasurable as an orgasm. (Answer: Not exactly, but they're similar.)

Eating and having sex are somewhat similar experiences — both engage senses like touch, taste and smell. "These sensations are the same that spur arousal and build to a climax," Zimmerman wrote. "Food porn," Zimmerman continued, is a great example of how both food and sex can be visually arousing. Can you really say you've never gasped at the sight of gooey cheese?

The Havaas report, which surveyed close to 12,000 adults from 37 markets worldwide, also revealed that given the choice between sex and an excellent dinner at a restaurant, 35% of millennials would choose the fine meal. Both experiences can potentially come with candlelight, but only one near-guarantees a breadbasket (and is safe to Instagram). 

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