16 Photos of Hillary Clinton Before She Became Democratic Presidential Nominee

On Thursday night, Hillary Clinton will enter a new stage of her career when she accepts her party's nomination for 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, the first woman to earn that designation. But the 68-year-old has been making moves in the political sphere for decades.

In President Barack Obama's keynote speech Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention, he was effusive in his endorsement of Clinton, his rival for the Democratic nomination in 2008 and later, his secretary of state.

"There has never been a man or a woman, not me, not Bill, nobody more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America," Obama said.

Indeed, Clinton's years in politics — two terms in the U.S. Senate and one as secretary of state — and around it, as first lady during both of husband Bill Clinton's presidential terms and both his Arkansas gubernatorial terms, and through her work as a lawyer, have already provided her with a lifetime's worth of political experience.

Here are some of those moments, as captured on camera:

As the first lady of Arkansas, 1992

Bill and Hillary Clinton
Source: AFP/Getty Images

On the campaign trail, 1992

Bill, Chelsea and Hillary Clinton
Source: Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images

Looking decidedly better off than Bill, 1992

Bill and Hillary Clinton
Source: Tim Clary/Getty Images

Making headbands great again while campaigning with Bill, 1992

Hillary and Bill Clinton
Source: John Mottern/Getty Images

Getting the FLOTUS rundown from predecessor, Barbara Bush, 1992

Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush
Source: Luke Frazza/Getty Images

Singing with Kermit at the Kennedy Center, 1993

Bill and Hillary Clinton and Kermit the Frog
Source: David Ake/Getty Images

At the Inaugural Ball, 1993

Bill and Hillary Clinton
Source: Tim Clary/Getty Images

Getting a word in on the White House lawn, 1994

Bill and Hillary Clinton
Source: Robert Giroux/Getty Images

At the Taj Mahal during a tour of South Asia, 1995

Chelsea and Hillary Clinton
Source: AFP/Getty Images

Meeting Mother Teresa, 1995

Mother Theresa and Hillary Clinton
Source: AFP/Getty Images

Proving that she was Neo before Neo was Neo, 1998

Buddy the dog and Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton
Source: Tim Sloan/Getty Images

Visiting Ground Zero with then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as New York senator, 2001

Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton
Source: Robert F. Bukaty/Getty Images

Making her point in a primary debate, 2007

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
Source: Mark Duncan/AP

Getting sworn in as secretary of state on Obama's "team of rivals" administration, 2009

Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton
Source: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Being debriefed on the death of Osama bin Laden in the White House's Situation Room, 2011

Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and members of the national security team
Source: The White House/Getty Images

Launching her 2016 White House bid in Iowa, 2015

Hillary Clinton and supporters
Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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