Warren vs Brown Debate Schedule: Forget Polls, the UMASS Debate is the Real Test For Each Candidate


The Massachusetts Senatorial race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren could easily be the most popular political campaign in 2012 besides the presidential race itself. Both sides make compelling arguments to the citizens of Massachusetts. Not only that, but the run for power between the two candidates has been the most civil in the midst of what seems like years of aggressive attack strategy for congressional seats of the past. It is interesting to see the recent trending polls revealing who the public’s favorite candidate is.

Elizabeth Warren is making a small, but nonetheless noticed, step ahead in the polls. Recently discovered in a Western New England University poll, Warren is considered to be the frontrunner. She has been advocating that she is someone who will be for the people all of the time, unlike just some of the time. Of course when she says some of the time, she is making a reference to the incumbent, Republican Senator Scott Brown.

Warren is no different than your average Democrat. She will vote to reign in more taxes to support the welfare state. This seems to be business as usual for the Democratic candidates these days, especially under the Presidency of Barrack Obama. Big Government appears to be the remedy that these politicians prescribed to the problems of the United States.

Being a man who has voted like an independent much of the time, Scott Brown made an interesting Republican pick for the political battle. Since we are now forced into a two party system, it is refreshing to see somebody who doesn’t always side with one of two big parties that he is directly affiliated with. Their debate will be held on October 1st in the Tsongas arena at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. There is no doubt that the two will face disagreements, show emotion about their ideals, and use the excitement from the crowd to their advantage. Even though the issues are up for debate, there is a concept that will be tuned out of the conversation without a doubt.

Personal liberty is yet again cast aside in the closely followed race. At best, this topic will receive a brief mention during the Senatorial debate. But, that is nothing more than business as usual for the people representing us on the Hill. Brown may even act a bit Independent at times, but not anything like a Libertarian. His own party, the Republican Party, would do itself a favor by strengthening its base if it could simply accept liberty-minded, politically active citizens.

Despite the unfairly weighted two-party system, there is no doubt that Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown will put on a magnificent show at their debate. It will be interesting to see who pulls the victory and by how many votes. The race for this Senate seat is toe to toe and it doesn’t seem like anybody can make a realistic prediction of who the winner shall be until the October 1st debate is concluded.