Hillary Clinton Didn't Wear an American Flag Pin and Hypocritical Conservatives Are Pissed


Being the first woman nominated by a major party for president of the United States will not safeguard you from criticism of what you wear.

And apparently, from what you don't wear either. 

As Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for president on Thursday night, most people's ears were captivated by her speech, inspired by the party's most progressive, racial-justice-inspired platform ever. However, some people's eyes were focused on the lack of an American flag pin on her lapel. 

Conservatives, including Fox News' Katie Pavlich, fumed about it on Twitter.

Clinton having to defend her wardrobe just as often as her political stances is nothing new. Apparently, running to occupy the highest office in the United States — after serving in the Senate and as secretary of state, no less — won't shield you from questions about your patriotism. 

Sexism on Twitter is nothing new, but the vitriol against Clinton's lack of a cheap plastic pin is a little over-the-top given that several male Republican candidates also did not wear American flag pins to their conventions. 

As Twitter user Ben Collins wrote in several replies to Pavlich's tweet, George Bush Sr., George W. Bush and John McCain did not wear American flag pins while accepting the nominations at their respective Republican conventions. 

Here's Bush Sr. accepting his nomination — without a pin. 


What was missing when George W. Bush accepted the nomination in 2000? A pin!


John McCain failed to complement his suit with one thing — a pin!


Twitter users wasted no time calling out the trolls for equating not wearing an inexpensive piece of plastic with a dearth of patriotic fervor. 

For some people, it seems that more than what you say or do, a pin reminds others that you actually care about this country. 

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