Turbo Goth Destroy Us All is an Album You Have to Have


I can’t remember the last time I listened to an album that gave me a true experience. I rely on older albums to give me that feeling as a listener, sometimes I feel disenchanted by modern music and it almost makes me want to give up on what is new and retreat into yesteryear. Luckily I haven’t given up yet and am glad I didn’t, otherwise I would have completely missed out on Destroy Us All by Turbo Goth.

Yes, the album came out in 2011, but one listen of Destroy Us All and I’m completely convinced that modern musicianship does have a future after all. Finally a modern album that gives the listener a musical experience!

Electro music hasn’t sounded this cool since Air’s Moon Safari "Kelly Watch the Stars." , Destroy Us All is probably the closest I’ll ever get to riding in a spaceship.


Destroy Us All is filled to the brim with some of the best bass lines I’ve heard, ambient synths, precision drum tracks, awesome guitar riffs, emotional lyrics, and the occasional piano. If the phrase ‘beautifully aggressive’ doesn’t mean anything to you, then it will after you listen to this! The album has SERIOUS attitude, but never loses its heart and soul in the process. 

The song “Velvet Escapade” sounds like its cut from a similar cloth to “Morning Swim” but with a harder punch. Sarah Gaugler’s vocals play over Paolo Peralta’s ambience like an instrument. Gaugler sings; “I have a whole lot of love to give, but I only give it to one.” It feels clear after listening to Destroy Us All that the ‘one’ is in fact this album; we should send her a thank you card, or better yet a valentine.

“Necropolitan Casino” and “Eye In the Sky Looking Straight at Me” prove that the instrumental still has a place on the modern album. Both are master classes in musical arrangement and how effective a role lyric-less music can still play on an album.

Overall, if you love good music and want more from an album than popular music is giving you, then you’re going to want this, especially if you like bands such as; Air and Daft Punk! You might not find this CD in your local record shop but it’s available on iTunes, and while you’re their get; “Morning Swim” as well. You seriously won’t regret it.


Best Tracks: “Bpm”, “Farfalla Vendetta”, “New Star Energy”, “Velodrome”, “Velvet Escapade”, “Cosmopol”, “Necropolitan Casino”, “Eye In the Sky Looking Straight at Me” …basically, the whole album!