Republicans Respond to Democratic Convention 2016 and Hillary Clinton’s Speech

The verdict is in, the receipts have been tallied and, incredibly, the 2016 Democratic National Convention seems to have been a huge success — at least, according to Republicans.

After Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivered her acceptance of the party's nomination on Thursday night, prominent conservatives from all walks took to Twitter to voice both their begrudging approval of her speech and their disappointment in GOP nominee Donald Trump, who took a demonstrably more pessimistic approach at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland one week earlier. 

Here, from the mouths of conservatives themselves, is what Republicans thought about the major political parties of the United States' first female presidential nominee's historic acceptance speech on Thursday:

Rich Galen, press secretary for Dick Cheney:

Conservative writer Ron Fournier:

Conservative blogger Erick Erickson:

Conservative radio host Charlie Sykes:

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld:

GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak:

Commentary editor Noah Rothman:

Conservative blogger AGConservative:

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