This Simple Packing List Has Everything Your Suitcase Needs — And It's Only 5 Items Long


Packing is a unique form of hell, all unto itself.

In preparing for your trip, you are somehow expected to see into the future and predict what you'll need for the next five or seven or 10 days, thinking through every possible scenario accordingly. Will I need a hat? Is it ever acceptable to wear hiking boots to a wedding? On top of it all, you are expected to carry all of your belongings on your body, as if you are a mule, or drag them behind you, as if your luggage is the wagon to your mule. What is this, The Oregon Trail?

So, given how stressful packing can be, Mic decided to make things a little bit easier on you by compiling a list of just five things that will make your trip better. Sure, you'll need to pack clothes and your toothbrush, but the below items are just as important for staying sane during your trip. 

1. A portable charger — because it's 2016 and everyone is obsessed with technology

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Having a fully-charged phone is more important than having a clean pair of underwear. Not to be gross, but this is just a fact. 

Especially when you're traveling, having all your technology charged at all times is absolutely vital, given the many hours of waiting you sign up for just by stepping into an airport, or the fact that you may have to basically rebook your entire trip on your phone. 

So, to ensure that you don't have a low-battery-induced panic, a portable charger is a great idea, as it gives you the opportunity to charge your phone without an outlet. Many of them come in cool metallic shades, but because traveling is also a great time to show off how cute you are, they also come in prints like eggs and white marble

2. One stress-relieving item — for when you're plane inevitably gets delayed

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Even if vacations are meant to be the most stress-free days of your year, stress is an inevitability. From cancelled flights to delayed trains to traffic jams, traveling unfortunately comes with its fair share of panic. 

And because of this, we think it's wise to come equipped with one (or a few) items that can quickly calm you down. 

This can be anything as simple as a stress ball, a certain playlist on your iPhone, a lavender-scented eye mask or a stress-relieving hand cream. Although we hope your actual vacation is stress-free, it's important to be prepared for the commute there, which can absolutely require a little self-medication or a lot of self-care. 

3. One pair of shoes you don't mind destroying 

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Depending on the kind of trip you're about to take, you could be expecting to walk a whole lot, or very little. But regardless, you should pack at least one pair of shoes you don't mind absolutely destroying.

That means shoes that can take walking by a waterfall or up a mountain, shoes that won't disintegrate with a few sprinkles of rain but won't give you blisters either. 

Of course, the most durable kinds of shoes out there are sneakers and boots. Adidas Superstars are notably comfortable, as are Nikes. There's also Doc Martens, if you know it's going to rain or snow a lot during your trip. TOMS or Vans are good choices if you're looking for super lightweight options that can easily slide on and off through airport security. 

Even if your vacation involves a lot of sitting on the beach, you still want to make sure to pack a choice of footwear that you know can withstand some sand and water — and whatever else your vacation throws at you. 

4. Stuff that hides the fact that you probably smell awful 


Whether you're traveling by plane, train or automobile, things can get a little, well, gross. 

There is the tendency to sweat and, if you're constantly around your closest friends and family, the tendency to forget about bathing altogether. Eventually, you may end up looking in the mirror to realize you are actually a pile of filth animate. 

But never fear! The fourth thing we insist you pack is something to stop you from smelling like a middle school locker room after gym class. For example, you can bring a tiny bottle of perfume or body spray, or even dry shampoo, which often comes with a pleasant powder scent. Or, if we're talking about a more extreme case of human stench (no judgement), there's always a Febreze spray, with which you can become your own personal washing machine. 

Your friends and family will thank us later. 

5. Make-up that makes you look not disastrously hungover 

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Let's state the obvious: If you are on vacation, you might drink. Actually, scratch that, you might drink a lot. You don't have any work. You don't have any responsibilities. Drinking into the night, or even into the morning, can easily seem like a good idea. 

In hindsight, it almost never is, but with just a few swipes of the right makeup, no one will be able to detect your monstrous hangover. 

The most telling sign that you are in a constant state of agony the next day will be the deep, dark circles under your eyes, so bringing a good concealer is important. The second most telling sign will be the dullness of your skin, so a foundation or BB cream with a bit of highlighter can easily — and pretty cheaply — brighten you up. With a few swipes of both, you can go from looking like Nick Nolte's mugshot to Gigi Hadid. 

And thanks to your fully charged devices (see item one), you will also be able to watch the many make-up tutorials on YouTube that address your exact need at this moment. 

With these five items scratched off your packing list, you're destined to have a much better vacation. After all, you won't have any panic attacks because your phones on 5%, you won't offend anyone with your personal stench and you will be able to erase any sign that you are painfully, hysterically hungover. 

What more could you want? 

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