What is Frank Ocean building on his site's livestream? Here's a list of fan theories.


Nobody is exactly sure what the hell Frank Ocean is doing at this point. Early Monday, the R&B artist unveiled a surprise livestream on his site, which is fixed on a room full of desks and speakers. It led many to believe he'd soon perform some or all of — or at the very least announce a release date for — his forthcoming album.

Instead, Ocean picked up a few slabs of wood and spent the day sawing and shaping, taking the occasional break to check his phone. It's hard to describe the sounds playing as music — more like elevator muzak. He left the task of confirming his album's release date to unnamed inside sources

So, what the hell is Ocean building? The Twittersphere offered a few theories after watching the livestream Monday, and again when he returned to the warehouse Tuesday for another hard day's work. One theory gaining traction is that Ocean is constructing a spiral staircase — a supposition one Twitter user shared back in March while talking to a "dude at a bar," which has gotten a whole new level of editorial attention.

Below are some of the other construction projects Twitter users think Ocean might be working on:

A recording studio so he can finally start work on his album

An ark to save his most loyal fans from a Donald Trump presidency (one of the only things Ocean has broken his years-long silence to share his feelings about) 

A treehouse

A wicker man

A bridge, from which to troll his fans beneath

Kanye West's collaboration with IKEA

Only time will tell.

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