You Can Now Walk Along This Terrifying Glass Path on the Side of a Mountain

If you enjoy staring down your own mortality and being terrifyingly close to falling off a mountain, then the new glass walkway on the side of China's Tianmen Mountain may be for you.

The transparent walkway, which opened this week, is part of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, in China's Hunan province, CNN reported on Tuesday. The new path is called the "Coiling Dragon Cliff" skywalk.

VCG/Getty Images

Visitors to the park can stare straight down through the floor at the vertical drop below as they move their way along the 100-meter walkway, which includes a total of 99 turns.

VCG/Getty Images

Back in September, what is said to be the world's longest glass bridge opened in the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, also in Hunan province. The bridge connects two cliffs, stretching 984 feet and hovering 590 feet above the ground.

Basically, China is a great place to go if you are not afraid of heights and you like to stare down into the abyss. Enjoy!

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