Someone Accidentally Got Shot in the Neck With a Flaming Arrow on 'America's Got Talent'

The stunts and tricks performed on the competition variety show America's Got Talent go off without a hitch — usually. On a recent, live episode of AGT, "daredevil" pair Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker experienced a bit of a mishap, when Walker accidentally missed the target and shot her partner in the neck with a flaming arrow in the midst of their retro-domestic themed act, reported Billboard.

It was immediately clear that Stock was hurt — but the performer reportedly wanted to continue with the act. Luckily the judges urged him to see the medical professionals, and, later that night, Stock tweeted that he was OK.

Maybe the close call will show the kids watching in their living rooms that they really shouldn't try this one at home — because America may have talent, but America also has delicate neck arteries and stuff.

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