8-Year-Old Summer School Student Pens Epic, Adorable Letter to Beyoncé

The way this 8-year-old feels about Beyoncé is the way all of us feel about Queen Bey.

Tuesday, redditor MattWalks shared a letter from his girlfriend's summer school student, who wanted to let Beyoncé — aka "a rare rose in a garden of blooming flowers" — know how much she means to them. After the BeyHive caught sight of the adorable, emotional ode to their fave, the letter went viral

"Dear Beyoncé - My favorite singer," the letter begins. "You are the best you are a rare rose in a garden of blooming flowers but your the only one who stands out sparkle and lite up the sky."

Fan letter to Beyoncéimgur

"My favorite song is 'Sorry' that song be poppin I be turnt up," the letter ends. 

Indeed, this 8-year-old knows how to properly turn up: listening to Lemonade while saluting the queen. While it could use a bit of a grammar check, the level of truth it contains deserves high marks. Really, who doesn't be poppin' when they listen to "Sorry"?

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