Britney Spears Pranks Jimmy Kimmel By Filling His Bedroom With Half Naked Men

If only all wake-up calls involved a bedside performance from Britney Spears and her all-male dance troupe. For Jimmy Kimmel, that fantasy became reality when the pop star brought her crew to his California home in the middle of the night for an epic prank.

Just like Rihanna's late-night Kimmel intrusion, Spears snuck into Kimmel's home as the TV host was fast asleep. When all was in place, the pop queen, whose forthcoming album Glory was just given an official release date Wednesday, exploded into a sexually charged performance of "Make Me," lunging playfully at Kimmel, who appeared confused and still half-asleep. 

Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube

Spears and her dancers hold nothing back in the video. The singer hops onto Kimmel's bed, whips her hair around and brushes Kimmel's bewildered face. Her dancers hopped in as well, twerking above the talk show host as he cowers beneath his sheets. 

Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube

The Las Vegas queen did say Wednesday that her forthcoming album, dropping Aug. 26, would mark "the beginning of a new era." Here's hoping that new era includes more twerking, gorgeous dancers and more epic surprises.

Check out the video below:

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