Jonah Hill Accidentally Emailed Drake His Food Diary

Drake, if you're reading this, it's too late: Jonah Hill knows he sent his food diary to the wrong "Dr" in his contact list. And it made for a hilarious story.

Keeping a food diary is an effective strategy for weight loss. But logging your almond intake is only helpful if you share it with a specialist — not the dude who wrote "Views."

Stopping by The Tonight Show on Tuesday, Jonah Hill told Jimmy Fallon he accidentally sent his food diary to Drake. Hill, who recently gained weight for his role in the movie War Dogs, hired a nutritionist to help him shed some pounds after the film wrapped, Time reported. (Former 21 Jump Street costar Channing Tatum gave Hill the idea to hire a nutritionist.) 


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When Hill didn't get a response from his nutritionist one night, he checked his "Sent" folder and realized the food list had actually gone to Drake. Whoops. 

Jonah Hill admits he made a superbad mistake.Giphy

"I wrote down like yogurt, salad, chicken, whatever, and I sent it to him," Hill said — noting that the rapper never responded.

Why didn't Drizzy respond to Hill? Probably because the two have only met once, Hill told Fallon. 

It's OK, Jonah: Your Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio will always love you, no matter how many cheat days you take.