The Simple Thing Ron Paul and Libertarians Can Teach Occupy Wall Street to Help Them Succeed


It's that time of year again. Occupy Wall Street has returned to fill the streets of cities across the United States in protest of our favorite greedy, corrupt oligarchical class — the dreaded 1%. The movement has received criticism for lacking direction and has been marginalized by the corporate mainstream media who is just doing its job by not getting to the root cause of the angered masses. "This is a movement. It's only been a year," said protester Justin Stone Diaz of Brooklyn. "It's going to take many years for it to develop and figure out exactly who we are." 

Luckily for Diaz, I'm here to drop truth-bombs regarding the criminal banking cartel we know as the Federal Reserve. And it's not just me, there is a massive intellectual revolution spreading throughout the world. There is, what finacial journalist Max Keiser coined, a Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation (GIABO!) occuring throughout many banker-occupied nations including Spain, Greece, Iceland and — if we're lucky — the United States of America. If the Occupy movement wants to make substantial progress in liberating themselves from the tyranny of the 1%, they need to realize the fundamental cause of the massive wealth inequality we have today: the Federal Reserve.

Thanks to Congressman Ron Paul and many other facilitators of the "mass awakening" or whatever you want to call it, a majority of the American people want to audit the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul's transparency bill passed the House and is awaiting the former Fed critic Harry Reids's permission to have it brought to the floor of the Senate. In its century-long existence, the central bank has never been under more scrutiny — and rightfully so. The Bubble, a documentary that details the Fed's role in the 2008 financial crisis, is set to come out this fall. You mean there's more to the story than what Americans had spoon-fed to them by the media? Weird.

Of course the Fed's recent decision to have unlimited quantitative easing and to maintain artificially low interest rates raised a few eyebrows. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is going to buy $40 billion worth of mortgage backed securities per month — forever? This not only affects the Federal Reserve notes in your wallet/purse, but it also pisses off the Brazilians among other emerging economies. It's kind of cool how the Empire keeps itself afloat with paper money, isn't it? 

Yes, the OWS movement could take a page out of the GIABO! movement, the Ron Paul Revolution, or anyone else who has correctly targeted the one percent's lender of last resort. That pesky Ron Paul is still up to no good. This Friday, Chairman Paul's monetary policy subcommittee will hold a hearing to examine the detrimental effects of the Fed's interest rate policy. Now this may not sound too exciting, but when you understand how artificially low interest rates distort the market, cause malinvestment, and punish savers, while, at the same time, enabling those on Wall Street to take loans at literally no risk and make billions in profits, interest rate policy all of a sudden becomes pretty damn important. Oh, and when the banks lose a bet, they get bailed out. 

So what is Occupy (and the rest of us) to do then? 

First we need to educate ourselves. Thanks to the Department of Education, most Americans aren't aware of how the Fed operates. Nor are they aware of where money naturally originates — not from a pseudo-governmental printing press, but from a free market economy. There are many resources online, including and Austrian scholar Tom Woods' Liberty Classroom, where people can learn the origin of the Federal Reserve and how it transfers wealth from the poor and the middle class to the villainous 1% through the destruction of the currency. 

Kind of like this: 

For more detailed analysis of the Fed's destruction of the American Dream, see this

Not only does the Fed feed the zombie banks on Wall Street, it also allows the Empire to maintain that "global force for good" persona that so many people in the Middle East love us for. Without the Fed monetizing the debt of the federal government, our perma-warfare state could not last. As Ron Paul stated in his book End the Fed (a book actor Vince Vaughn recommends to all Americans), “It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.”

If there was an "Afghanistan War tax" or a "Libyan Peace Bomb tax," we all had taken out of our paychecks, I think we would be all be a little more anti-war. Luckily for the military-industrial complex and their puppet politicians, the cost of our overseas empire is taken out on the poor, the middle class, and the unborn generations through the destruction of the currency. 

The problem is fundamental. It is the soundness of our medium of exchange. As long as the Federal Reserve is in place to prop up the 1% through its monetary manipulation, there will be the no peace in the real class warfare. Occupy protesters should take notice of the nationwide Federal Reserve protests this weekend. Instead of dividing ourselves into the forty-seven or fifty-three percent, OWS, Ron Paul supporters, and the rest of the world should combine forces into an "anti-fascist" alliance. The enabler of this fascist Empire, the Federal Reserve and other central banks, keep the money in politics and not where it should be: the market economy. They are monopoly men enslaving us with monopoly money. It's time to stop playing their game.