This Everything Bagel Ice Cream Sandwich Hits Every Sweet and Savory Craving

The sweet-and-savory ice cream trend is here to say. First there was Spam-and-pineapple ice cream, and now two New York City businesses have teamed up to create an ice cream sandwich based off the everything bagel, New Yorkers' favorite breakfast carb.

Called the Everything Black, the ice cream sandwich is the creation of ice cream shop Ice & Vice and bagel bakery Kossar's, NBC New York reported. True to its name, the dessert consists of sweet vanilla and black lava-salt ice cream coated in savory everything-bagel accoutrements (which include things like minced garlic and toasted onion). The dish doesn't stop there: The seasoned ice cream comes sandwiched between two black-and-white cookies.


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While both the everything bagel and the black-and-white cookie are iconic New York City foods, this appears to be the first noteworthy pairing of the two. The ice cream sandwich is available at both stores until August 7, NBC New York noted

If sandwiching garlic-and-onion-coated ice cream between two cookies wasn't enough for you, the Kossar's Instagram reveals that it's possible to get the dessert on top of an ice cream cone (with additional scoops of ice cream). But if you want to really live life at the next level, try stuffing the ice cream sandwich between two everything-bagel-flavored donuts — just keep some breath mints handy.