Relatable Teen Sasha Obama Has a Summer Job. What Are You Doing With Your August?

The Obama teens are just normal teens, doing normal teen things like raging at Lollapalooza and working the takeout counters at seafood restaurants catering to summer tourists. 

Yes. According to the Boston Herald, the younger Obama daughter is working the early shift at a Martha's Vineyard restaurant called Nancy's, operating under the alias "Natasha" (which is just her real name). 

"She's been around for a few days," Sasha's unnamed colleague told the Herald. "It's pretty random."

Sasha's six-person Secret Service team initially caught her coworkers' attention. As one Nancy's employee told the Herald, they "were wondering why there were six people helping this girl" bus tables and operate the cash register and do basic restaurant-opening tasks. That's when they realized that Coworker Natasha was actually national treasure Sasha Obama.

Sasha will be working at Nancy's for just a few more days — she'll be off the job once her parents get to the Vineyard on Saturday for family vacation, at which point it is safe to assume she will continue doing normal teen things, like being embarrassed by her embarrassingly cool parents

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