Rio 2016 Olympics: 14 Photos That Show You The Other Side of Rio de Janeiro

The 2016 Summer Olympic games being hosted by Brazil in Rio de Janeiro has been plagued with scandal — from its potentially detrimental impact on poverty to water pollution to Zika

While images of toned, Olympic hotties and beauteous beaches saturate the internet, there is another, less idyllic face of the country bubbling below the surface. It's a face of destitution, garbage and disrepair. 

It is the byproduct of an event that cost billions of dollars while the country is floundering in the worst recession it's seen in around a century. Rio de Janeiro's governor even declared a financial state of emergency in June, saying it was needed to prevent a "a total collapse in public security, health, education, transport and environmental management," the Guardian reports.

Here are 14 photos which reveal the underbelly of the Olympic beast, an institution which has itself been mired in wrongdoing. 

Children bathe in a Rio favela with water collected from a hose.Mario Tama/Getty Images
Trash is burned in a dumping ground for garbage in a favela, by the road that leads Rio's international airport to the main city.Mario Tama/Getty Images
A sailor preps for training in water littered with trash. William West/Getty Images
Local residents burn and clean trash in a favela where the government neglected to collect it.Mario Tama/Getty Images
A Brazilian — who makes a living buying aluminum cans from garbage collectors and then recycling the cans — sleeps in a hammock in the streets of Rio.Leo Correa/AP
A horse eats in a dumping ground for garbage off one of the main highways. Mario Tama/Getty Images
A man cooks in the alleys of one of Rio's biggest favelas. Mario Tama/Getty Images
A drug gang leader in a Rio favela tells Associated Press that many of the city's poorest rely on such gangs as they provide basic necessities — such as food and medicine — otherwise not provided by the government.Felipe Dana/AP
A 21-year-old favela resident sits in front of where her home used to stand before it was one of many demolished for the creation of Olympic Park.Mario Tama/Getty Images
Residents of a favela in Rio embrace and console each other — the complex has been riddled with violence and unlawfulness.Mario Tama/Getty Images
Favela youth congregate in a particularly polluted section of the canal in Rio.Mario Tama/Getty Images
A young girl rollerblades in a complex hall in Rio's poorest favela's complex which lacks even running water. It is situated about half a mile from Maracanã Stadium, the site of the games' opening and closing ceremonies.Mario Tama/Getty Images
Raw sewage drains from the same favela complex situated around half a mile away from Maracanã Stadium.Mario Tama/Getty Images
A local receives a haircut in the mostly abandoned favela, which was largely demolished by the Brazilian government to make way for the Olympic games.Mario Tama/Getty Images

Much of the world awaits to discover if the games were doomed before they began. 

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