Michael Phelps Rio Olympics Livestream 2016: How to Watch the Swimmer Compete

Michael Phelps, widely hailed as one of the most celebrated American Olympians of all time, is likely headed to is final Olympics tournaments in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The swimmer, who holds the most Olympic medals out of all Olympians with 18 golds, will partake in six races, and possibly any of three relays. 

The Olympics will be live streaming via NBC's Olympics site, dedicated to full coverage of the 2016 summer sports. The dates and races below indicate when he will be swimming, per Syracuse.com:

Aug. 8 – Men's 200m butterfly prelims/semifinal

The below dates also indicate relays Phelps could participate in, per Syracuse.com:

Aug. 7 -- 400 freestyle relay

Phelps is hoping for an Olympic comeback this year after spending a 45-day stint at a rehabilitation center, focusing the latter part of his year on training and focusing on the upcoming games. Watch Matt Lauer's interview with the famed athlete here.

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