There Are a Grand Total of Zero Women on Donald Trump's New Economic Advisory Council

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Friday announced the formation of an economic advisory council for his campaign — a 15-member team that does not include any women.

The announcement of the all-male economic advisory council comes a day after Trump was unable to name a woman besides his daughter, Ivanka, who could serve in his cabinet if he were elected president.

"Donald J. Trump is also pleased to announce his economic advisory team comprised of some of the top economists in the country as well as the most successful industry leaders in finance, real estate and technology," Trump's campaign wrote in a news release Friday morning.


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Trump trails Hillary Clinton in polls among women — who make up the majority of the American electorate.

Moreover, Trump has faced accusations of mistreating women in the workplace, with a New York Times report in May revealing that even a top woman executive at the Trump Organization wasn't exempt from cutting comments about her weight and appearance.

More recently, Trump said that he would advise Ivanka Trump to simply find a new place of work if she encountered sexual harassment in the office.