Michael Phelps Is the 2016 Rio Olympics' Official Resident DILF

On Sunday, Michael Phelps won two Olympic medals. The first was for swimming in the 4x100-meter relay, which he's already excelled at a few times in the past.

The second, however, was a career first: a gold medal in being a DILF.

While Phelps competed on Sunday, his son Boomer stole the show from the sidelines. Phelps' fiancée Nicole Johnson gave birth to Boomer in May, thus immediately transforming the swimmer from just another hot Olympian to an indisputable DILF.

This prompted some people on Twitter to (accurately) remark on Phelps' DILF-iness.

For reference, here is some past photographic evidence of Phelps being a DILF in action:

It's official: Phelps now has a gold medal in DILF-iness! It's a real sport. Look it up.

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