Zambian judoka Mathews Punza delivers the most stunning upset so far of the 2016 Olympics

It only took Zambia's Mathews Punza less than two minutes to shake up the 2016 Olympic Games. 

The judoka, or judo competitor, was initially ranked No. 112 when he was set to compete against Israel's Golan Pollack in the preliminary 66-kilogram weight division match. Pollack, who won a bronze medal at the 2015 World Judo Championships, was ranked No. 6.

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When Pollack failed in taking down Punza, the Zambian judoka swiftly pinned him to the ground. After Pollack struggled to escape from his strong-side control for 20 seconds, Punza was declared the winner by ippon. Ippon is the highest score a judoka can win in Judo.

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Punza was defeated by Slovenia's Adrian Gomboc in the round of 16. Gomboc qualified for the semifinals and was just shy of winning the bronze medal.

If there's any story of Punza's exhilarating triumph on Sunday, it's this: Anything is possible.

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You can watch last key moments of the big upset at the Olympic Games here:

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