Olympic Volunteer Proposes to Her Brazilian Rugby Player Girlfriend and Everyone Cries

Brazilian women's rugby player Isadora Cerullo may not have won the Olympics, but she still broke a record: She's the first Olympian to be proposed to during the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro.

On top of which, it came from another woman — girlfriend Marjorie Enya, one of the stadium's managers, who asked for Cerullo's hand in marriage Monday night.

After the medal ceremony for the women's rugby sevens (also notable as it was the first time this form of rugby was its own Olympic category), Enya walked onto the field to propose in front of the stadium's cheering crowd. Cerullo accepted.

And now the internet is freaking out because this:

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Once Cerullo figured out what was going on, she broke down into tears.

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Then there was a lot of kissing and hugging.

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BBC sports writer Luke Reddy said Enya described Cerullo as "the love of my life."

The rest of Twitter got a little giddy, too. 

#LoveWins. Enjoy having your heart warmed for the rest of day.

You can watch the proposal here (NSFW if you don't like to cry in the office):