An Olympic Correspondent Got A "Bro-zilian Wax" In Honor of the Rio Olympics


Billy Bush, former President George W. Bush's cousin and correspondent for NBC's Today during the Rio Olympics, got a Brazilian wax on television in honor of the Rio Olympics. 

Oh, wait. Scratch that. He got a "bro-zilian wax" on television. 

That's right, just like rosé wine, er, brosé, and donuts, er, bronuts, Brazilian waxes are now being unnecessarily gendered. Because of course they are. 

"From the ultimate Brazilian, to an unprecedented 'bro-zilian,' the Brazilian wax was invented here, of course. So many women partake. I was told men are getting in on the action," Bush begins the segment, with his female co-anchors shaking their heads and groaning already. 


And so, of course, Bush had to get in on the action, rendering his last name a lie.

At the salon, the typical antics ensued, including Bush dropping trou in front of Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and then looking terrified for his life. 


And then the screaming begins, which only further proves that women are stronger. 

"Oh, Bernie Sanders!" he shrieks at one point. 


By the end of the segment, Bush looks like a man who has been thoroughly defeated, and a cameraman pats his head. 


After he experiences what thousands of women have experienced in their lifetimes, he emerges in a room of overjoyed, clapping women, which seems pretty appropriate.

Even though the segment gives birth to the term "bro-zilian" — which sounds more like an evil lizard that loves to high-five and wears a baseball cap backward than a waxing procedure — we are still kind of glad this exists. For once, we get to see what it looks like for a man to experience just one of the real pains women commonly face.

That said, plenty of people weren't so jazzed about having to watch a Bush get waxed. 

You can watch the entire segment below, as well as Bush's commentary here