A Second Olympic Boxer Has Been Accused of Sexual Assault Inside the Olympic Village

The Olympic Village, a complex of buildings housing the thousands of international athletes who came to Rio de Janeiro to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics, has strict security meant to protect the visiting athletes — but that hasn't done much to protect the local women working inside.

Earlier this week, a second Olympic boxer was arrested by Brazilian police on charges of sexual assault inside the Olympic village, the BBC reported Monday. 

Namibian boxer Jonas Junius, 22, who carried his country's flag Friday during the games' opening ceremony, "was accused by a maid of grabbing her, kissing her forcefully, and then offering her money to have sexual relations with him," USA Today reportedciting reporting from Brazil's O Globo.

Junius reportedly remains in police custody. Last week, Moroccan boxer Hassan Saada was also arrested after two Olympic village housekeepers accused him of sexual assault, USA Today reported. Saada was accused of "thrusting his body against one of them, attempting to kiss her and groping a maid's breasts," according to USA Today.

"We have no security," Maria Lucia, a housekeeper in the Olympic Village, told USA Today, speaking about her safety concerns. "We go into the room and the guest could be there. And people generally fetishize women from Rio."