Netflix’s Anti-Comcast Site Is Now an App That Tells You How Slow Your Internet Is


Netflix launched a website in May that was seemingly a giant fuck-you to internet service providers. The website — — measures your internet download speed. You know, to find out if you're getting the bits for your buck. And now the sneering site is available in app form. The more platforms to antagonize you with, my dear. 

Netflix's Fast Speed Test app is available for both iOS and Android and — like the website — measures your current internet download speed. Yes, this information is available to you from your internet service provider, but Netflix wants to offer you an easy-to-use — and commercial-free — method to make sure you're not getting screwed over, it says on the app's website. 


As they go on to suggest, if the speed doesn't match the internet speed you've signed up for, "you can ask your [internet service provider] about the results." In other words, it's an "innocent" nudge for you to call Comcast or Time Warner Cable to let them know they're not providing you with the speed they promised (and you paid for). 

The Fast Speed App and website are gentle reminders that the war over net neutrality rages on — Netflix and internet service providers have an ongoing debate over whether ISPs should be able to control download speeds on certain sites (like streaming services, i.e. Netflix). It's a point of contention that made its way to the Supreme Court.

Thank goodness Netflix is so good at throwing shade. Everything the light touches is our binging kingdom.