iPhone 7 Announcement Date Is Here — Along With a MacBook Pro Overhaul


When is the iPhone 7 coming out? Finally, we have an announcement date: Sept. 7, according to Apple scoop king Mark Gurman at Bloomberg. The phone will be available for preorder Sept. 9 and released Sept. 16, according to reputable reports.

New features on the iPhone 7 will likely include an improved camera, larger hard drive on the low-end model, possibly a new color, stereo speakers and no headphone jack. Wireless charging and a stronger Gorilla Glass 5 screen are also rumored. 

We can also expect an updated MacBook Pro line, which is exciting for Apple laptop users — we haven't seen big improvements on the Pro in more than four years.

Via Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the matter:

The updated notebooks will be thinner, include a touch screen strip for function keys, and will be offered with more powerful and efficient graphics processors for expert users such as video gamers.

MacRumors has a nice explanation of the improved graphics, noting its potential for "extraordinary VR experiences."

The new MacBook Pros aren't quite as thin as the new MacBooks — they'll still have a sturdier "Pro" feel, apparently. It seems they'll be a good bet for power users who need more RAM, speed and storage.