Samantha Bee Could Use a Little Peace, Love and Understanding From the Internet

On Wednesday night's Full Frontal, a very brave Samantha Bee decided it'd be a good idea to take on the modern day dumpster fire that is the internet comments section. In the segment, the host attempted to discern which reactions were legit and which were fabricated. 

It did not go great.

"I am not getting a good feeling from humanity," she said

"LOL she stands like her dick is getting pinched between her legs," one reader offered. 

"Sam Bee is now the Fox News of comedy," another said.

"Samantha Bee both looks and sounds like an unfunny corrupted J.K. Rowling," someone speculated, in a two-for-one diss of both the comedian and the Harry Potter author.

The comments ranged from nonsensical to bewilderingly, arbitrarily insulting. "Full Frontal, more like fully sidetracked," Bee read in one comment. "What is going on in your head?" she asked. 

In April, the Guardian sifted through all the comments left on its site for the month and found that women and minority journalists received the most abusive, aggressive and often, irrelevant-to-the-topic-at-hand feedback from readers. Criticism of Bee was no exception.

"That's a person who was like, 'I nailed it. I fucking nailed it with that comment and I'm gonna show her,'" Bee said. "And we're all completely puzzled — it's puzzling."