A Lesbian Couple Was Scolded for "Being Affectionate" at Seattle Mariners Game


A little heckling is to be expected at a sporting event. But it's typically directed toward the opposing team, or the referee for making a bad call — not toward the spectators. 

When Giuliana Garcia and Calista Nabors attended a Seattle Mariners game on Friday, a guest services representative at the stadium approached the couple and told them to stop "being affectionate," according to post on Garcia's Instagram account, Outsports reported. The post showed the guest comment form the two received, which stated a complaint had been filed because they'd had their "arms around each other," thus disrupting the stadium's "family environment."  

"Aka same-sex affection isn't tolerated," Garcia reportedly said in the caption on her post. She said the guest services manager later apologized, but that the incident proved hate was still "alive and well."

Mariners spokesperson Rebecca Hale alleged on Tuesday the couple had been "making out," which the usher who received the complaint maintained was inappropriate for a "public setting," according to Outsports.

But in an earlier voicemail to the couple on Monday, senior manager of guest experience Amy Swisher reportedly apologized to the couple.

"We do have a code of conduct as far as what people are doing in the ballpark, but hugging and embracing is totally fine," Swisher said. She added that she'd spoken with the staff member who initially reprimanded Garcia and Nabors and gave her additional training on the stadium's policies. 

"This is not how we treat people," Swisher said. "It goes against our beliefs and the Mariners way, and I am, like I said, very very sorry about it."