Yes, Donald Trump Meant to Say That Obama Literally Created ISIS


During an interview on Thursday with Donald Trump, radio host Hugh Hewitt attempted to give the Republican presidential nominee an easy out for his recent allegations that United States President Barack Obama is "the founder of ISIS."

"Last night, you said the President was the founder of ISIS. I know what you meant. You meant that he created the vacuum, he lost the peace," Hewitt suggested, according to a full transcript of the interview uploaded to the show's website.

"No, I meant he's the founder of ISIS. I do," Trump replied. "He was the most valuable player. I give him the most valuable player award. I give her, too, by the way, Hillary Clinton."

"But he's not sympathetic to them," Hewitt pressed. "He hates them. He's trying to kill them."

"I don't care," Trump replied. "He was the founder. His ... the way he got out of Iraq was that — that was the founding of ISIS, OK?"

Trump was also pressed on whether or not it is "...appropriate to call the sitting president of the United States the founder of a terrorist organization that wants to kill Americans" by CNBC's Squawk Box, according to New York Magazine, to which he responded that he believes it absolutely is — and it's a hill he's willing to die on.

"Whatever it is, it is," Trump said. "I'm a truth teller. All I do is tell the truth. And if at the end of 90 days, I've fallen short ... it's OK. I go back to a very good way of life."

Although Obama's strategy in Iraq has drawn substantive criticism from many places, it would seem Trump wasn't always one of those critics.

In a 2007 interview dredged up by BuzzFeed, Trump told CNN's Wolf Blitzer he supported an immediate withdrawal from the country.

"You know how they get out? They get out," he said. "That's how they get out. Declare victory and leave, because I'll tell you, this country is just going to get further bogged down. They're in a civil war over there, Wolf. There's nothing that we're going to be able to do with a civil war. They are in a major civil war."

Only 88 days until Election Day.