This Chinese Olympic Swimmer Didn't Realize She'd Won a Medal Until a Reporter Told Her

Twenty-year-old Chinese Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui is among the best in the world — but even she didn't know how successful she was until a reporter told her that she'd earned a medal in the women's 100 backstroke on during a post-race interview Monday night. 

Fu's reaction to the news was incredible.

In a post-race interview, the dejected athlete started telling the Chinese reporter, "What I want to share, even though I did not win a medal ... " That's when the reporter interrupted her to say that she actually did — she won bronze.

Fu's face immediately lit up. But her moment of Olympic-realization wasn't even the swimmer's first viral interview of the Olympic games, Fu was already an internet sensation from an earlier interview in which she told a reporter that she used "powers" to place in the backstroke semifinals — and made a series of joyous faces that were shared all over social media.

Fu still has a chance for more Olympic hardware — she's set to swim in the second heat of the women's 4x100 medley on Friday.

Watch the bronze-medalist's interview here: