Watch Anti-Racism Activist Tim Wise Trace the Historical Context of Trump's Use of Race

Like many people, anti-racism activist Tim Wise has noticed that Donald Trump tends to invoke certain characterizations of minorities during his stump speeches.

Trump has conjured images of "rapist" Mexicans, engaged in fear mongering with regard to Muslims and has refused to condemn prominent white supremacists, like former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke while addressing the large, mostly white crowds he draws.

But the difference between Wise and the average observer is that Wise wants to tell you about the historical context of Trump's white working class-pandering rhetoric.

"When we look around and we see today in our politics a rich white man telling working class white people that their problem is brown people, we need to understand the historical pedigree of that," Wise said in a speech uploaded to Youtube on March 15.

Claiming that such rhetoric is symbolic of "the entire history of race and class politics in America," Wise goes on to deliver a thoughtful analysis of the ways in which marginalized groups have been used as a scapegoat for white anxieties.

Check out Wise's entire speech on what he calls, "the history of rich white people telling working class and poor white people that their problems are black and brown people," below.