John Oliver Can’t Help but Enjoy Watching Donald Trump’s Campaign Collapse


It was supposed to be the week Donald Trump would focus on his economic policies. Instead, the week of Aug. 8 saw the Republican presidential candidate hint that his Second Amendment supporters could "take care" of Hillary Clinton and also accuse President Barack Obama of being the "founder of ISIS." Even by Trump's standards, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver noted it was a disastrous collapse. 

"Now, clearly, what he just said is absolutely absurd, but even when people tried to help him reframe it, he doubled down," Oliver said.

"He's so insistent," Oliver continued. "He's like the guy drowning but waving off a lifeboat saying, 'Get out of here, I'm very buoyant. I'm the most buoyant. Everybody talks about my buoyancy. I'm a tremendous floater.'" 

Trump later took to Twitter — his favorite platform for sharing unfiltered thoughts — to explain that his ISIS comments were sarcastic in nature. But Oliver called that a "bullshit excuse" and the "douche bag's apology." 

But perhaps even more concerning than Trump's ISIS and Second Amendment comments, Oliver explains, is his repeated suggestion that the election will be "rigged," with no factual evidence to support the claim. Now, Politico reports, his campaign website has a sign-up list on election day to be a "Trump election observer," which it vaguely defines as going to voting centers and making sure the polling process is going smoothly. 

"In a way, we are all Trump Election Day observers," Oliver continues. "Because if you look out of your window in November and see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse you'll know, 'Oh shit, they just called Florida.'" 

Watch Oliver's segment on Trump below.