Meryl Streep Wants Amy Schumer to Portray Her in the Movie of Her Life

Meryl Streep can play anyone, but who could play her? According to Streep herself, maybe Amy Schumer. In an interview with Matthew Jacobs of the Huffington Post, the 67-year-old actor answered rapid-fire, hypothetical questions; the final question was who she could see playing her in the movie of her own life. Her immediate answer: 

"Amy Schumer, of course."

Schumer, for her part, responded the only way appropriate.

"Holy shit," the comic tweeted.

It's all very exciting, but there was another gem from this interview that appears to have gotten buried under all the biopic fuss. When Jacobs asked Streep who would be best at "scaring off a bear while you're out camping?" she had an answer ready to go. 

"Liam Neeson, duh."


Duh, indeed.