This iPhone 8 Concept Video Will Have You Drooling Like a Hungry Saint Bernard

Apple's likely iPhone 7 announcement and release date are just weeks away. The new devices — which will likely be unveiled Sept. 7, available for preorder Sept. 9 and released Sept. 16 — may feature improved speakers and an updated camera. Besides those tweaks, the 7 will probably look pretty much the same as the 6s. 

Eager for an exciting new design, many Apple fans are already looking forward to 2017, when the iPhone 8 is likely coming out. 

We're predicting that the hype surrounding the iPhone 8 will surpass the 7. The year 2017 is the iPhone's 10th anniversary, and reports suggest Apple is saving some major updates for the iPhone 8, such as:

• A rimless, all-glass body

Designers Alexander Lehnert, Ran Avni and Jens Kreuter put together a frankly stunning concept video for the iPhone 8 that incorporates these rumors. Feast your eyes on this.

Rumored wireless charging on the iPhone 8ConceptsiPhone/YouTube
Rimless displayConceptsiPhone/YouTube
iPhone 8 conceptConceptsiPhone/YouTube