9 Strange But Brilliant Food Gifts Couples Have Put on Their Wedding Registries


Not every couple cares for a set of fancy flatware and matching china. Some soon-to-be newlyweds really go for it when it comes to their wedding registries, eschewing more traditional requests like crockpots and wine glasses, in favor of out-of-the-box ideas — like funds for a lifetime supply of avocados. If anything, a wedding registry is the perfect time to make requests for things you'd never buy for yourself but you really want in your life. 

Here are nine of the more unique food items couples have registered for on the online wedding registry service, Zola.

1. A lifetime supply of avocados

Matthew Mead/AP

Some people really love the green stuff — and green stuff in this case is avocados. A representative for Zola noted over email that couples asked for guests to contribute to a fund to help pay for a lifetime supply of the fatty fruit. While it may seem crazy, it's hard to imagine that a marriage built on a foundation of guacamole will not last. 

2. A package of bees


Who would ask for bees for their wedding? A couple craving their personal supply of honey and honeycomb. Is there a sweeter way to start a life together than making honey with your honey?

3. Vegetable seeds, a rake and a hoe

Andrew Harnik/AP

While growing your own vegetables and herbs can save a couple in the long run, starting a proper garden isn't the cheapest of endeavors. Buying everything from soil to equipment to the range of plants can add up to nearly a thousand dollars, the New York Times noted. 

4. Cows, chickens and pigs

Carsten Koall/Getty Images

Animals aren't exactly cheap purchases. Buying a small pet like a cat or a dog can cost thousands of dollars, so it's not hard to imagine that farm animals are incredibly expensive, too. Listing farm animals on a wedding registry is a smart crowdfunding move for hopeful farmers — and unlike Kickstarter, it doesn't require giving out rewards for donations, as in, you really can keep all your eggs in one basket.

5. Cash for dining out

Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images

A membership to the Table8 dining club is a smart wedding registry item for the couple who hates to cook. The dining club gives members access to last-minute reservations at a number of notable restaurants across the country, making it easier to eat out every night.

6. A kit for making macarons


You have to really, truly love the French sandwich cookie to want this kit, which features a tray that helps bakers easily pipe perfect macarons. While it can't really be used to make any other type of dessert, it might be worth the $40 — especially you are macaron obsessive. Best of all, it's cheaper than a flight to Paris. 

7. A champagne sabre


Why ask for a chef's knife when you can ask for a champagne sabre? While the curved knife is sort of useless outside of its one designated purpose, you'll look incredibly cool every time you open a bottle of bubbly — which is all that really matters.

8) An ice cube tray that looks like a bear


There are some small things that are hard to justify buying for yourself, such as keychains and ice cube trays. This polar bear ice cube tray is quite smart and worthy addition to any freezer: You simply pour water into the bottle, let it freeze, and then shake ice cubes loose — and you avoid messy attempts to stack trays overflowing with water in the process.  

9) Nordic Ware Stovetop Popcorn Popper 


We live in an modern era where convenience reigns supreme, so the idea that someone would want a $80 popcorn maker that's harder to use than a microwavable bag seems crazy. But the flavor of popcorn popped over a stove is hard to beat and makes movie night that much more special.