President Obama Warns Hillary Clinton Donors Not to Get Overconfident on Donald Trump

President Barack Obama has a message for Democratic voters: Don't underestimate Donald Trump.

Speaking Monday from a fundraising event for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during a two-week vacation in Martha's Vineyard, Reuters reported, Obama warned overconfident Democrats could still blunder their way into a loss in November despite a Trump campaign even many Republicans worry is tanking hard.

"If we are not running scared until the day after the election, we are going to be making a grave mistake," Obama said. "If we do our job, then Hillary will be elected president of the United States. But if we do not do our jobs, then it's still possible for her to lose."

However, Obama also took a shot at Trump, expressing some frustration with how much of his time ends up being spent in relation to the anger and outrage machine Trump's oft-bigoted campaign proclamations have fueled.

"I don't have to make the case against her opponent, because every time he talks he makes the case against his own candidacy," Obama said.