The Rio Olympics Mountain Bike Course Caught Fire Because the World Is Literal Garbage

A fire in the Deodoro area of Rio, near the Olympic mountain bike, canoe slalom and BMX venues, has disrupted plans for upcoming events, reported the CBC on Monday. The fire was reportedly caused by what Deadspin called "a garbage fire that got out of hand."

No, really.

The mountain biking events aren't slated to start until the weekend, but practice sessions on the course were scheduled to begin Wednesday, reported CBC. Officials have yet to determine whether the course has been affected by the fire.

A fire burning near the Olympic mountain bike venue in Rio.Cliff Brunt/AP

"High winds made the fire advance close to the mountain bike venue," Olympic organizers said in a statement, the CBC reported. "During the firefighters work to contain it, the fire changed its direction and doesn't represent any risk to the venue."

This potentially raging garbage fire is by no means the first issue at the Rio games this summer — there was also the fart-smelling green diving pool, the polluted water and the Zika panic

But only now can we officially declare the games an unequivocal garbage fire. So that's something.