Season 2 of 'Black-ish' Is Available for Free on iTunes Until Wednesday, So Start Bingeing

If you're looking for a new binge after journeying to the Upside-Down in Stranger Things or the Bronx in the '70s with The Get Down, iTunes has Black-ish season two available for free. The Emmy-nominated comedy's second season — 24 episodes in total — is available to download, but there's a catch: It's only there until Wednesday, Aug. 17. 

Obviously, 24 episodes is a lot of bingeing to ask, so we understand if you can't get through all of them. However, there are two must-see episodes for any new Black-ish viewers.

There's the season two premiere, "The Word," which tackled the use of "nigga" and the connotations of it. 

Additionally, the second season's 16th episode, "Hope," tackled police brutality with comedic deftness, social commentary and optimism, as the Johnson family deals with a fictitious incident of police violence all too familiar to several real life incidents. Per Black-ish creator Kenya Barris, the episode's idea came from a conversation with his own family about the shooting of Michael Brown. 

So for fans both new and old, the time for bingeing is nigh. Black-ish returns with its season three premiere Sept. 21 on ABC.