Watch NYC Firefighters Drown Out an Islamophobic Street Preacher With Alarms

Every day, New York City firefighters prove their ability for stamping out danger on the spot. And one video, uploaded to YouTube in July, showed just how far the heroics of the FDNY extend. 

The video shows a street preacher standing on the sidewalk outside of a fire station across from Ground Zero and directly in front of the 9/11 Tribute Center. 

She tells passersby that they are headed for hellfire, reads passages from the Bible and implores people to repent.

"I'm a firefighter just as much as these people are," she says in the video, gesturing to the fire station. 


Then she switches gears: "Islam is trying to kill you."


That's when the firefighters inside the station decided it was time to activate the station's blaring alarm sound. 

The grating noise didn't put an end to the grating sermon — but it did drown out her hateful message.


When asked for comment, Frank Dwyer, a spokesperson for the FDNY, said that "the video speaks for itself."

See the whole thing below: