Here's the Perfect Way to Explain Consent and Rape to People Who Still Don't Get It


Even in 2016, with campus rape culture and consent a regular part of the national conversation, there are still some people who are woefully misinformed about what constitutes rape. Enter Twitter user Nafisa Ahmed to help clear up any lingering confusion. 

Seemingly fed up with anyone still confused about rape and the real threat it poses to women, Ahmed tweeted an analogy that serves as a good explainer for anyone struggling with the concept.

Ahmed likens the idea of sexual consent, which can become notoriously blurry when alcohol is being consumed, to agreeing to give someone $5 when you're drunk.

Stealing $5 from a drunk person purse isn't confusing — it's just stealing. You'd never ask an inebriated person who'd just been robbed why they hadn't tried harder to keep themselves safe, would you?

Ahmed also used her analogy to skillfully point out that just because someone has a reputation for enjoying sex, it doesn't mean anyone who wants it has permission to take advantage of them.

She also acknowledged the sad reality that sexual assault cases can be difficult to win in court.

Just 334 of every 1,000 sexual assaults are reported to police, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. Even when victims do report their attacks, lack of substantial evidence and blurred lines of consent can make the cases difficult to win.

If there are any people in your life who still have questions about consent after you show them this Twitter thread, then you will have to resort to plan B to make them understand: steal $5 from their wallets without their permission. Godspeed.