Rio Olympics commentator makes sexist remark to gold medalist Laura Trott

British Olympic cyclists Laura Trott and Jason Kenny are engaged and made headlines Tuesday night for both winning gold medals in their cycling events at the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

Trott, one of the most decorated British Olympians, won gold for omnium, a multiple race event. Kenny won the gold medal in keirin, a motor-paced race in cycling, for their home country. 

It didn't take long, however, for a BBC commentator to steal the spotlight for making what many are calling a sexist remark, Mashable reported.

"She's doing all the emotion for both of them really — he's looking at her wondering what's for tea!" Chris Boardman said. 

Twitter was just not having it:

"What's for tea?" is a phrase commonly used to suggest a laid-back attitude, many people pointed out. Some are saying that this is an example of how Olympic commentators should be cautious of how their language may be perceived and others are even saying that those who think Boardman's response was sexist are simply just overreacting.

It should be noted that most of these people, as user Chrissy Kinsella mentioned above, are men.

Boardman later went on Twitter to explain his remark was not intended to be sexist and that this was all a big misunderstanding.