Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Planted the Seeds for an Independent Voter Revolution


Rasmussen has been tracking party affiliation in the United States for some time. Most recently, the site's poll indicates that of the 238 million Americans over the age of 18, 37.6% self-identify as Republicans, while 33.3% identify as Democrats, and 29.2% are other. So how do those numbers look in relation to the population? 

Republicans = 89.5 million

Democrats = 78.5 million

Independents = 69.5 million

Now, admittedly, Rasmussen has its own tilt to polls, no different than anyone else. However, I do believe that the majority of Americans lean conservative, they just aren't knowledgeable enough to realize it. You see, the baby boomer generation was raised to believe that Republicans were the rich man's party and Democrats were fighting for the workingman. That is where the 99% came from. Most of Americans are not wealthy. So they identified with Democrats taking a stand against "The Man."

However, as Generation X and the millennials have grown up, we have begun to split from the thinking of our parents and grandparents. Each generation drifts a little bit further from one of the two parties and more towards being independent. Don't believe me? In 1952, 22% of Americans identified themselves as independent. By the 1980's, when baby boomers ruled the world, that number had fallen off, only now to be steadily increasing since the late 1990s, to today's 29%.

Now, today and every single day that I engage in a political conversation, I hear people saying, "I'd love to vote for so and so, but they won't win, so I'd just be wasting my vote." The people saying that are part of that 29%. They don't like what the political duopoly is putting up there, but they'd rather have a chance to brag about a political "win" than voting their conscience. To those people I say, imagine if 35 million of you turned out and voted for a third party candidate? Do you have any idea what that would say to the American duopoly? Think about that.

If only 50% of you voted your conscience, you'd at least force a Congressional selection. You may actually win. If all of you turned out just ONE time, you could win the election. I know you love Ron Paul and he is the only person worthy of your previously apathetic vote. But please, just once while you are awake, go out and cast your vote for Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein, or Virgil Goode. Just once! Please vote your conscience.

To Republican voters out there, you are going to vote for Mitt win or lose. Every single sign points to a loss. Obama has the election won right now. Your argument to the contrary sound as pathetic as those still thinking Ron Paul is going to be inaugurated in January 2013. It isn’t happening folks.

Why are you wasting your vote on Mitt Romney? Cast your vote for someone else and let's take back this country before we lose the right to cast votes. This election cycle has shown the world that you are not excited by Mitt. So vote your conscience, just once! Join the "Third Party Revolution." It has been done before.