Celebrate the tail end of summer with your chillest friend, wine

Here's the good news: You've still got a whole lotta summer left! The not-so-good news? You've got a whole lotta hot and sultry nights ahead of you. You've been getting by up till now on pool parties and beach days, but as you head into summer's last blaze, you're going to need something even chiller.

Blended drinks like mudslides and pina coladas are crazy sugary and high in calories. With a little creativity — along with a freezer and blender — you can whip up a light, refreshing and summery wine cocktail for chilling with friends. And whoever said it was gauche to add ice cubes to your wine... they're not invited.

The Melon Baller

This recipe combines two summer staples: wine and watermelon. Blend chunks of watermelon into a puree and add Moscato, crushed mint leaves and some lime juice for a refreshingly simple cocktail. (This one is just crying out for a little umbrella.)

Iced Tea Upgrade

Although iced tea is already a classic summer beverage, upgrade it with a splash of wine. In this recipe, iced chamomile tea is freshened up with some gin and Chardonnay with a dash of honey and a lime twist to garnish.

The Natural

Toss some fruit in the freezer to create delicious wine chillers — like fruity ice cubes! From berries to grapes, frozen fruit adds a dash of flavor and makes any glass of wine summer — and Instagram — friendly. For an extra punch, try soaking the grapes in wine first. 

1-2-3 Punch

When you're short on time but have a dozen glasses to fill, opt for making a big batch of cocktails. For this one, just blend up some frozen strawberries and mix with lemonade and Moscato wine in a pitcher. Serve with chilled raspberries or sliced strawberries on the rim. 

The Ice-talian

This traditional Italian beverage of sparkling wine combined with lemon sorbet and vodka is the perfect palate cleanser for any warm weather meal. It's versatile enough to be a pre-dinner drink or a cool dessert. Whisk together the sorbet and a little Prosecco first, and then slowly pour in the vodka, followed by the rest of the Prosecco.

Dessert Mimosa

Serve your mimosa from brunch time to dinnertime (or anytime, really) by dropping a scoop of ice cream or sorbet in your concoction of juice and sparkling wine. Using sparkling Rose can be a good way to offset the sweetness.

The Wine Smoothie

For something more decadent, blend up a wine smoothie made of frozen strawberries, red wine and chocolate sauce. Coat the rim in chocolate and indulge. Whoever said you can't pair chocolate and wine, they're not invited either.