There's good news for women concerned about sexism (according to a majority of men)


You've come a long way, baby.

According to the nation's leading experts on sexism — men — that pesky gender inequality problem is over and done with. Thank God! 

A Pew Research Center survey of 4,602 American adults found that 56% of men believe that, for the most part, many of the obstacles that once made it harder for women to "get ahead" have been eliminated. 

The question of whether women have equal opportunity is not only divided by gender, but by political affiliation, with 75% of Republican men believing sexism is dead, as compared to 39% of Democratic men. 

Gender and political parties set aside, a total of 45% of Americans surveyed think the path to success is a clear one for women. 

The report did not, however, mention whether those polled were made aware of the statistics dealing with sexual assault, domestic violence and street harassment, not to mention the everyday body- and slut-shaming messaging spread by marketers. 

But those things are officially non-issues because, hey — not only can we vote, we can vote for a woman.

Which is all to say, life is good. So why don't you smile, beautiful?